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Lavorazioni Oro

The company

HyperionLab is a company specialized in the goldsmith sector that provides manufacturing services for third parties. Founded in 2018, the company has managed to combine the traditional craftsmanship of classic jewelery with the most advanced technologies in the sector, with the aim of creating products of the highest quality and with an innovative design.

The team of experts at HyperionLab, made up of highly qualified designers, craftsmen, and technicians, is able to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, offering customized solutions ranging from product design to its final implementation.

Controllo Qualità

The philosophy of HyperionLab is based on the constant pursuit of excellence and innovation in the jewelry sector, through continuous staff training and the use of the most cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to this approach, the company is able to offer unique and high-quality products, satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

Incassatura Gioielli

In summary, HyperionLab is a benchmark in the high-end jewelry world, offering customized and high-quality production services, combined with a passion for craftsmanship and the use of the most advanced technologies in the sector.

Certificazioni di Qualità


Our company is RJC certified.

Our customers

Clienti target


Established brands

Our facility guarantees large lots, always maintaining high quality. For this reason, more and more large companies turn to us to create unique pieces or larger series of their iconic models.


Independent jewelers

We are happy to welcome you small productions, we deal with them quickly and at reasonable prices. The extreme personalization and elasticity of ours
Manifattura make it possible to satisfy particular needs in extremely short times.


Designers and influencers

We follow our customers from design to implementation, also providing a Free Academy. The creation of design professionals and goldsmith techniques will be the heritage that we will pass on to future generations of experts in the art of jewelery

Imprenditore non sei solo

We have been collaborating and supporting the association for a long time "Imprenditore non sei sol".


An association that voluntarily helps fellow entrepreneurs in difficulty by offering training And free consultation.

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